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Spectrum Band performing for a packed Audience at Faust Park in Chesterfield, MO Spectrum Band is a multiple award-winning professional 9-piece variety dance band that has been specializing in wedding receptions, corporate parties, and public events in St. Louis for over 20 years. Our goal has always been to provide fun and professional musical entertainment to diverse audiences by presenting a wide variety, i.e., spectrum, of music with a combination of high quality sound, performance, and presentation. When it comes to weddings, we perform for more receptions than any other band in St. Louis so you and your guests are going to have an incredible time! All of the reviews about the band are real and we're very proud of being invited to be a part of so many family celebrations every year.

Our playlist is continually updated every 6 months with current contemporary songs as well as maintaining an immense catalog of successful favorites that always keep guests on the dance floor. We carefully select songs to avoid being confused with the many "cheesy wedding bands" (for lack of a better term) that are also available to you. If you want to hear songs similar to "Hot Hot Hot" and "Celebration", then we just might not be your band. Two professional engineers are provided for each performance to unobtrusively monitor sound quality via a wireless iPad to ensure that the sound and lighting are perfect! There are copycat bands available that are trying to be perceived as a top tier band but we are the "original" Spectrum Band based in Chesterfield, MO. You should be able to recognize them after doing your research and an educated shopper is always our best client!

The recognizable signature sound of Spectrum Band comes from the strong vocals, the powerful rhythm section, and the full 3-piece horn section playing the tightly crafted arrangements performed by the band. The 9-piece instrumentation includes lead male and female vocalists, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, piano, guitar, bass, and drums as well as the two engineers to monitor sound and light systems. We also use Latin percussion instruments during our performances to augment the originality of the music. This format allows us to "accurately" perform all the songs that keep an audience on the dance floor. Performing all those great Big Band, Motown, Swing, and R&B songs correctly, requires having a full horn section with at least three horns to replicate the sound. Speaking of horns, we always use a "real" horn section and custom music charts on stage, not an add-on group of musicians. It's impossible to play complex horn arrangements on a consistent basis when using a temporary horn section that doesn't use written music. Unfortunately, paying an extra fee to make a small band look larger won't make it sound any larger so we provide a well-rehearsed horn section at each performance.

Something that you might be interested in for your event if you're looking for a more elegant experience early in the evening is our quartet, trio, or duo. We offer these instrumental formats during cocktails and/or dinner prior to the full band's performance. They are each very skilled at all styles of jazz material and they're always a hit with all audiences as a segue into the full band taking the stage. The stand-up bass is a very unique visual as well as acoustic effect on stage since most people don't get to see a stand-up bass very often. The sound is incredible and the musicianship is top notch.

For smaller events, quartet, trio, and duo instrumental versions of the band are also available. The instrumentation for the quartet is piano, jazz guitar, stand-up bass, and saxophone. These groups are perfect for providing instrumental background music for any event and you'll be surprised at the diverse musical capabilities of either of these smaller groups. A vocalist can also be added to the smaller groups if desired.

We partnered with a professional sound and light company to provide the best possible experience for our clients at no extra cost. They always provide two engineers to separately run the sound and lighting systems. We implement wireless technology to adjust the sound in the room for every performance. That means we do not have a large mixer board taking up valuable space on stage with the band, or worse, in front of the band. Our sound engineer uses a wireless iPad to remotely adjust his mixer board and keep the sound perfect, i.e., not too loud, without anyone even noticing that he's in the room. However, if you want your dance floor to feel like a nightclub then we have the capability to give you exactly what you want. We also use a new Allen & Heath in-ear monitoring system so that we don't have floor monitors (speakers) cluttering the stage area. By eliminating this equipment, this not only allows the band to set up in a smaller "footprint" of space but also keeps the overall volume lower since the speakers on the floor have been eliminated. We've purchased a brand new sound system (including new main speakers and sub-woofers) and this system can accommodate any facility. You can rest assured that Spectrum Band does not have one of the musicians attempting to run the sound system from the stage. Having two skilled professional engineers on site at all time provides peace of mind for any situation that might arise during the evening. Plus, we always maintain a significant $2M liability insurance policy for your protection.

We're different from every other band in St. Louis when it comes to making it easy for you to audition the band. Almost all of our performances are for private events and we know that it's very awkward for you to show up at someone else's private event to audition a band. That's why we recently invested in such accurate High Definition Videos for our potential clients. We know that the other bands don't have that capability and have to invite you to someone else's private event. Another advantage is that we likely won't be inviting unexpected guests to your event either . It's a paradigm that's hard to overcome when quality HD videos with clear audio tracks don't exist for all the other bands that are being considered. It's the equivalent of having a band send out a cassette tape for an audition relative to using today's technology with HD videos. All of our videos were filmed at "live" performances and you can click here to watch them. The first video is a medley that compresses a 2-hour show down to 7 minutes. The rest are full length versions of songs so that you can get a great audition of the band in a performance with an audience. You would never get to witness this level of detail of a live performance by attending a show by any band and standing in the back of the room for 20 or 30 minutes. We had 5 cameras and 2 of them were mobile so you'll see things that you'll never see from standing in the back of a room. These videos will give you an extremely good idea of what your evening will look like and how we'll make your event a huge success! Of course, I can also make arrangements for you to attend a performance but almost all of our clients are able to make their decision based on the accuracy of our comprehensive video library. Especially our clients that are planning their event from out of town.

Just a quick note about wedding receptions. This type of event requires a unique skill set to properly provide services such as introductions, emceeing, having a large song selection for all the special dances, coordinating the throwing of the bouquet, addressing specific wishes of the bride and groom, coordinating with a photographer/videographer to satisfy their special needs, etc. Spectrum Band has extensive experience in this area and can make any wedding reception the best it can possibly be. The variety of our comprehensive song list allows us to satisfy any audience. We have an extensive repertoire of songs with lyrics that are appropriate for all of the special dances, e.g., bride-groom first dance, father-daughter dance, etc. You can see a list of these special songs at the bottom of the "Complete Song List" page here on the web site.

There are also many (many, many many,...) recent testimonials from past clients included on this web site so that you can review the level of satisfaction typically experienced by individuals that have hired the band. We love to perform and have fun on stage which always has a contagious effect on our audiences. These things and many others are very important factors contributing to the success of your event. We've performed at events as small as 40 guests and as large as 5,000 (while opening for ZZ Top during an IBM corporate event at the Enterprise Center) so we know how to make your event a tremendous success! Spectrum Band wants you to be happy and completely satisfied, just like all of our other clients!

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