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So, here's where we separate Spectrum from all the other bands when it comes to all the work we've done to give you THE most thorough audition of any other band in town. Most of our clients book our band after reviewing our extensive video library and especially after watching our first video with a medley of over 30 songs in 11 minutes. We know that the other bands don't have this capability and have to invite you to someone else's private event but we're quite different since we offer something that nobody else can provide. We can't emphasize strongly enough how different our video library is from any other band that you might be considering. It was a lot of work but it makes it much easier for you to make your decision with much more information and allowing you to see the band in a "live" situation performing many more varieties and styles of music. Please enjoy our videos that were filmed in High Definition with CD quality audio. They were recorded at our sold-out New Year's Eve performance at the Tan-Tar-A Resort and it was so successful they've already booked us to return for future NYE events!

You are certainly more than welcome to come and see the band in a live performance so just let us know and we would be happy to coordinate those details for you and obtain permission from our clients. However, we always hear that individuals find it awkward to show up at someone else's private event to audition a band so that's why we invested in such accurate videos for our potential clients. Plus, we likely won't be inviting strangers to your event either.

These videos offer an excellent opportunity to audition the band and that's why we recorded a live performance. We want you to see the true impact that the band has on a live audience as well as how much fun the band is having during our performances. You would never get to witness this level of detail of a live performance by attending a show by any band and standing in the back of the room for 20 or 30 minutes.

While filming these videos the band had fun, the audience had fun, and we hope that you also have fun and enjoy them. You'll notice that we have included the entire performance of each song for your review without edits. Additionally, the audio soundtracks are live and recorded by our engineers to mimic the clean sound that your guests will hear so turn up the volume and enjoy! The first video is a medley of over 30 dance songs and you can watch it in 11 minutes so it's a great way to see and hear what we can deliver at your event.

Click on the menu (top-left of the video player) to see a list of all available videos or CLICK HERE to open a new window with the playlist on YouTube.
Note: Don't be confused by the large area used by the band in this video. Tan-Tar-A provided a large stage so we spread out to take advantage of it while filming. However, we can easily perform in much smaller spaces since we use in-ear monitors and take up less space than bands that are smaller than us.
Audio and Video editing by Tim Callihan at Chesterfield Sound & Video

Videography by Enfocus Productions

The videos in the player above are new but we also have some older videos below that you can watch simply by clicking on the song name.
  1. Video Medley of 16 Songs
    • A great medley that provides a quick audition of the band in only 7 minutes
  2. Just Dance
  3. Kiss
  4. Rolling In The Deep
    • Every female vocalist wants to be able to sing like Adele and Melanie does an amazing job on this song
  5. Footloose
    • This is exhausting to watch due to all the dancing! But, thoroughly enjoyable watching them have so much fun.
  6. Forget You
  7. In The Mood
    • Swing music is always a great choice early in the evening to get all age groups on the dance floor
  8. California Gurls
  9. Feels Like Home
    • A beautiful ballad that is my personal favorite of all ballads we perform
  10. Michael Jackson Medley
  11. Poker Face
  12. Earth, Wind & Fire Medley
  13. Sweet Caroline
    • Includes the sing-a-long at the end of the song that gets the audience engaged (works every time)
  14. Moves Like Jagger
  15. Marry Me
  16. Play That Funky Music
    • We let some of the musicians take solos in this song since dancers always enjoy the longer version
  17. Rolling Stones Medley
  18. Unforgettable
  19. Car Wash
  20. Don't Stop Believing
    • You can hear the audible gasp from the audience at their approval of Melanie's voice at 1:50 into the song
  21. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  22. At Last
  23. What Is Hip?
    • This is the song snippet from Tower of Power that we include at the end of "Play That Funky Music" or "Superstition". It's great!
  24. Umbrella
  25. Soul Medley
    • A collection of great Motown hits to entertain all ages
  26. What A Wonderful World
    • This has become our signature last song of the night since it's always a big hit

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